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Health is Our Most Precious Wealth

Health is our most important physical possession because without the healthy body support, we cannot do anything that we want to achieve in this life. Our health is attacked from different sources nowadays that we have put a bit of effort to protect it well. Toxins and chemicals get into our bodies through our food we eat, air we breathe as well as water we drink. Human populations are not immune to the profit seeking large corporations that strive to sell the tastiest drinks/food that have no benefits for our bodies and even cause major health adverse reactions, not to mention just way too many that they put into our cleaning products. I am just going to mention a few ingredients they approve for our consumptions: aspartame, flouride, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde etc. Take the example of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which has taken over our lives from cleaning perspective, present in nearly all shampoos, scalp treatments, hair color and

Cotton - The Wonder of Natural Fibre

I have always been drawn to pure cotton in garments as it seems more natural to wear something that comes from nature compared to man made fibre such as polyester. Since I want to do something creative, I have decided to do fashion design. I am not sure I have the talent but I am willing to learn as I do not have much fashion background, even after studying for one year at the university.

This post will summarise the key points of cotton fibre benefits for my future reference in my fashion designs. It is taken from Fabric for Fashion by Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston (2010). It is quite a thick book with great photos inside. The book covers both animal and plant fibres including sustainable plant fibre, colours dynamics and yarn making processes such as knitting and weaving technology. You probably can get a copy at your local library or buy one cheaply at